Magic and progress

Here are some pictures I took when I went to the teamLab – Au-delà des limites exhibition in La Villette, Paris.

I drove there myself, which was kind of a big deal because of the french périph’, but the real accomplishment for me was to go to the exhibition. I usually always plan when and where I’m going to go out. But recently, I’ve been making progress at being more spontaneous, aggreeing to last minute plans and actually go see that thing you told me to visit about x weeks ago.

A yay for progress, and an impressed, interested wow at the teamLab crew for the magical exhibition they put together. I really enjoyed the atmosphere. It felt like being in a magical world filled with music, beautiful lights and kids happily running around.

Unfortunately as I am the slowest person on earth to write articles, the exhibition is over now, but you can still go check teamLab’s website to see their work, and maybe find where their next exhibition will take place:

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