I smell of smoke

Last week was my first week of holidays since I had last taken a break from school and work. After the spring break, I went back to school, had my finals, another week of finals, and then jumped straight into my internship in London. In a microbiology lab. This is to say that even if I was not in school, I was still learning, focusing, walking around all week and more on weekends to visit. Basically I did not rest.

I fell sick the last week of the internship. By sick I mean, REALLY sick. I-can’t-stand-up-more-than-10-minutes-sick. I still carried on, went to the lab (which wasn’t really smart considering some rooms had to be sterile but again, opportunity of a lifetime), took the Eurostar back to France, spent my evening doing the laundry and unpacking, re-packed the next morning through coughs and sneezes and took the train back to the south of France to meet my family in a seaside camping.

Let’s say I crashed. Properly crashed. Slept 13 hours on my first night and almost as much the next days. I would be exhausted by 6pm, having awoken at noon. I felt sluggish and was still recovering from my mysterious flu (which my supervisor renamed the Hong Kong flu).

A week has now gone by, and I’m in another part of France, surrounded by my family and resting in our old house. Everything feels so frustrating. My mind is buzzing with ideas and projects, but every time I want to actually start doing what I wanted to do for months, I procrastinate, it doesn’t work out as I want it to, I feel impatient, too lazy.

And it kinda sucks?? Because back to school is in less than a month now, because I know it will be a challenging and busy year (to say the least) and I know I will have to set priorities. And the things that are going to be put aside are things I could be doing right now! But I don’t.

Is this burn out? Did I pull too hard on the strings? Am I broken? I’m always so busy. Now that formal obligations are over, I don’t know what to do next. Maybe go with the flow? Enjoy the summer as it is? This idle state doesn’t suit me well. Maybe I’m overthinking this, I always do.


London, here I come

I’m in LONDON!!! Freaking London!! By myself!! I’ll be honest that’s the first time I’m traveling alone and I was scared. My parents have been making me recommendations for a week now and that was adding to the stress. But I made it! I took the train, bought an Oyster card, took the underground, carried my gigantic suitcase all around with me and settled in my accommodation!!

I’m starting my internship at the lab tomorrow, we’ll see how that goes but I’m confident! 


June 24th, 2019

So, it is the end of exam season and one of my last exams were lab practice exams. This is what happened:

So this pictures sums up how my first lab practice final went… I messed up simple dilutions and I was so nervous I used a micropipette to sample 1 uL and all I took was air *sigh*

Crossing my fingers for chemistry tomorrow, not all hope is lost!

University teachers

What is the role of a university-level teacher?

At university level, students usually seek higher education in a field of their chosen interest. As the difficulty of the material studied increases, college-level teachers need to have certain qualifications in order to provide the best education possible. What is the purpose of a person teaching in college? We might think that teachers are the people who give us lessons to learn and homework to do, but I find that their role is far more important than that.

Firstly, I believe that the role of a college-level teacher is to provide the best and most accurate education as possible to their students. As university level teachers, they have to be precise in their field of study, but also need to be open-minded to help the students expand their knowledge and challenge their curiosity. It seems to me that higher education is an important period in the life of a student, and that it is crucial to use this time to see and learn as much as possible in order to become accomplished. Therefore, the role of college teachers shouldn’t be to teach the material in a passive way, but to guide the students through a new subject and link it to a wide range of topics, thus opening the eyes of the students to the reality of what they’re learning.

Moreover, and as we have stated previously, the college years of a student are a period of growth, so they are decisive. Hence why I am convinced that university teachers should be able to guide their students through these sometimes difficult or confusing years. Other than teaching their subject, their role is to support teens and young adults through their choices and decisions in a personalized way. It is essential for students to know that they have someone with experience who can be trusted to give them advice about studies, professional careers, or even about life in general.

In conclusion, the role of teacher in higher education is to be a guide and a model, in addition to the role of teaching the subject, because it is highly beneficial to the personal growth and open-mindedness of every college student.