Why I think Net Neutrality is vital

[This essay was one of the first ones I wrote this year so it lacks structure and logic but anyway here’s that !]

The Internet is, according to my personal definition, a worldwide resource which allows people from all around the globe to communicate, interact, exchange and learn without borders.

What I love the most about the web is that it enables me to discover the work of people (mainly artists in my case) that I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise, and to broaden my general culture and knowledge. The internet also allows many people to have an online safe space and to find comfort if they are having a bad time for example.

I think of the Internet as a gigantic sharing platform, that anyone with a wifi connection can access. That is why the idea of an Internet WITHOUT net neutrality is AGAINST nature.

How could we all share content equally when ISPs could censor any content they want, according to criteria they’ve decided  ?

Without net neutrality, we would no longer be able to share personal opinions (whether they are wrong or legitimate) and be heard. Finally if think that this law will profit rich people (businessmen and companies in particular), because they are the ones who will have enough money to impose their rules and control what’s going on.

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