beauty standards

[I was really angry when I wrote this article, and even though I softened some words, I think you can still feel it in the text. I usually am not an angry person, so this should convince you on how passionate I am on the subject]

I so flipping hate society for making 14yo girls like my sister think it’s a shame to have stretch marks and making her check her weight /everyday/, even on holidays.

I so flipping hate society for making young girls hate their bodies, hide in the bathroom to shave because they’re ashamed of having hair.

I so flipping hate society for making them think that having acne is disgusting and that they have to get rid of it by any mean.

To my sister and all the little sisters, you do NOT need to have the “perfect” hairless, skinny body ! You have so many others things to do than worrying about what you look like. Have fun, do what you like, you have time to grow up ! Do not listen to those who will say that you’re not what /they/ want you to be.

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