A jewel in the sky

For the first time, I get to see the blood moon in live.

How strange is that, that we are able to watch the moon as she turns red before our eyes, hanging in the sky like a Christmas ornament, surrounded by an infinity of stars and constellations ?

Mars is bright tonight. Shining like a polished garnet below the moon.

As I watch the shadow of the earth progress on the surface of the moon, I think. I think of the men who walked up there, of the thousands of kilometers separating us from it, of how surreal tonight feels, in the chilly air of the seaside when the sun is hidden.

As I watch the mood turn red, I read. I read about blood moon tales, stories and legends. The moon chased by the jaguar, the moon wounded and healing, the moon angry with the sun.

She is now turning black, darkening as she’s enveloped by the earth’s shadow, but I can still see the dull spots on her surface, where mounts and valleys stand.

Will I stay up late enough to see the moon go back to normal ? Or, will I want to see the moon go back to normal ? I can already distinguish a small, pale light on the side.

As I slide into my bed, I remember this vision, of a bright red moon so big among the stars but so small in the wide sky. Like a dream.

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