What my last braincells have been doing lately

Yes! I am still alive and kicking!

It’s been a really weird and eventful start of the year (at least emotionally speaking) and I’m not going to go into details about it, but know that I had time to reflect and recover before starting uni again. Speaking of! I am doing my semester in a danish university and I’m liking it so far! I never thought I’d get a culture shock with a European country while still being in France but I kinda did! (I’m having a double culture shock actually because my home uni doesn’t work on the « real university » model so I’m experiencing university for the first time as well).

Aside from that I’ve been working on a project with my school club/association to participate to a contest called Ingénieuses 2021, which is about promoting diversity in engineering (yay!!). It’s really stressful but I’m learning so much. Basically we will be making podcast interviews of women in engineering, under the name Women’gineer (badum-tss). Here’s the link to our (French) website (which I made myself using Carrd) if you want to know more (I know you do, please click): https://womengineer.carrd.co/

And because I cannot be serious for more than a day, I also made a parody Carrd about the whole Suez Canal – Ever given mess because I find it hilarious, here’s the link: https://suez.carrd.co/

Thank you for sticking with me, sending love.


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