And after that, what will I do ?

So I’m in my last year of high-school, and it’s a very busy year for me. I committed myself to different projects, from small personal achievements like reading more books in English to big projects, like this one I’m working on and that will take me to Vietnam soon (I’ll probably dedicate an entire article to that).

But right now my priority is : what am I going to do after high-school ?

The great question. I struggled with it for a long time and it isn’t until recently that I came to terms with it.

Here is a list of things I wanted to be while growing up (more or less in order) :

  • Writer
  • Archaeologist
  • Singer/Actress
  • Web designer
  • Engineer
  • Journalist

And now, well, it’s a little bit confused. I worked a lot on deciding what I wanted to do : I went to career fairs, participated to open days in schools, read so many articles, looked through books, and my goals got more and more defined. It became less about studying for a job and more about studying to gather knowledge. Because let’s be honest, no one really knows what they’ll do in three, five or ten years.

So basically why I’m telling you all of this is because, this afternoon, an e-mail came in my inbox. I got officially accepted in one of the schools I applied to.

Quick note for you non-french reader : Here in France, we have an online platform which allows us to apply to a bunch of schools at the same time, write our resume, our motivation letters and all of that. But this school was not part of the platform, so I had to send them my registration form, send back the test they gave me and go to an interview for the first time. This interview happened last Wednesday, and knowing that the platform isn’t closed yet, I knew that I’d have the results for this specific school sooner than for the colleges from the platform.

So back to the e-mail. I opened it mechanically. I didn’t realise what was happening. And still don’t. I think I kinda expected to be accepted but I’m an eternal over-thinker so it was natural for me to doubt that.

Now I am very pleased to be able to study there, but the thing is : it’s a journalism-type school, and all the colleges I applied to on the platform are in biology and in biotechnology engineering. And I have a decision to make. I have to give an answer to the school without knowing if I will even be accepted in those other schools. I’ll have to talk about that with the people in charge of the admissions and my parents in the next few weeks.

Appart from that bit, I’m very happy. It feels like a giant relief, knowing that I’ll be doing something I like next year, knowing I can’t end up without a plan for next year, which had been my major concern for the past year and a half.

I’m gonna end this article on this positive note, and on this picture of the sky earlier, that I think fits quite well the mood I’m in right now.

 Have a nice week and enjoy the little things !

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