A little christmasy update

After 22h45 (I won’t shut up about that number it’s insane) of exams in a single week and 5h of car drive, I can say that I’m finally on HOLIDAYS!!! I had the craziest past couple months and this rest is well-deserved. While I plan on doing absolutely nothing for the next 5 days, I have a detailed list of the things I need to do during the holidays break (no rest for the wicked has become my motto this year), so here it is:

  • sleep
  • sleep more
  • eat Christmas food
  • finish my last book of the year for my 2019 Goodread reading challenge (I’m at 29/30!)
  • go to the cinema (Frozen II, Star Wars and Knives Out are on the list but we’ll see with the fam)
  • help my sister with her coding and chemistry homework
  • prepare my practicals because busy weeks are ahead and I won’t be able to do that by then
  • come back to Paris for New Year’s Eve
  • find time to meet with my friend
  • go to the doctor’s
  • go to my school event on January 3rd
  • LEAVE FRANCE on the 4th

-wait « leave France » what do you mean? »

-Oh I haven’t told you? »

-You haven’t »

-Welllll I have a been selected to be part of a cultural/student exchange in *drum rolls*  SOUTH KOREA!! This means I get to go to Korea for an entire week with my friend (she has been selected too!!) all-fees included (except plane ticket) to discover Keimyung University and the region of Daegu and Seoul. I am beyond excited and I can barely realise it. Life is crazy crazy crazy.

On this, I’ll go back to our cosy living room and Christmas biscuits.

Happy holidays everyone !

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