The classic 2019’s resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!

Is this the year where I finally stick to my resolutions? Probably not. That won’t stop me from making some though. And maybe if I write them down, it’ll be more motivating. So here we go.

Goals :

  • validate my first year, hopefully with good grades
  • get my driving licence (!!!)
  • keep seeing the friends I don’t see as much as I used to
  • try new clothes
  • go to my dance classes as much as possible, even when I’m feel tired
  • read 30 books or more (and as many in English as possible)
  • write articles more often (although this year was pretty good already)
  • keep practising my German, and learn Spanish
  • finish the series I’m watching (we’re close guys) instead of wasting time on social media
  • go out more (go to the cinema! go spontaneously see that exhibit you saw online!)
  • sounds silly but stay hydrated

Hopes/Dreams :

  • procrastinate less (ahah), or at least stop working last-minute, it’s not gonna work forever
  • travel to 2 or more countries
  • do English tutoring/baby-sitting
  • try to take more photos because I actually enjoy it
  • try cooking (you can’t keep burning food in the pan darling)
  • learn to play the ukulele (by that I mean more than 4 chords)
  • finally clear up the sleeping to do list on my computer
  • organise the thousands of pictures stored on my old laptop and print some of them

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