Getting (un)intentionally scared

Think of a time when you intentionally got scared and a time when you unintentionally got scared. Describe the context, your physical and emotional reaction and how you felt afterwards. Write a minimum of 200 words.

As Halloween is around the corner, it is time to get spooky ! Finding a time where I intentionally got scared wasn’t easy because I am not that much of a daring person when it comes to getting scared. The only moment I could find where I decided, on my own, to frighten myself, was when I went to Disneyland Paris’s Haunted House with my family. I vividly remember regretting my decision as soon as I had entered the queue, knowing that I would hate the ride (I was quite young at the time). We hopped in the train and the ride started. I’ve never been the « loud-screamer », so I only remember pressing my palms against my eyes as hard as I could and waiting for the train to arrive at destination. In conclusion, not a fan of haunted houses.

Funnily enough, a time when I unintentionally got scared was also at Disneyland. My family wanted to go to this new attraction. Its theme revolving around Finding Nemo, we thought it was  fit for children. Oh boy were they wrong. We discovered after an hour of waiting in the queue that it was a proper roller coaster. And if you know me, you’ll know that I hate (and the word is weak) roller coasters.  I just don’t see the point, and they make me sick. Needless to say that at this point, I was full on panic mode. I ended up going on the ride, which was indoors and in pitch black, so I couldn’t see in which direction we were going, and that might have been scarier than the idea of the roller coaster in itself.

I guess that what I can take from this is: never trust Disneyland. Ever.

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