Let the snow fall

So, it’s been snowing for the last couple days where I live. It is quite unusual, as we usually get more of a cold drizzle. Unlike my parents, I love snow. I couldn’t be happier, despite my exams coming soon and all the stuff I have to manage at the same time. It really puts me in a good mood, and I get really excited and jolly and enthusiastic. It snowed all of yesterday, and last night, we could see the white roads, the snow-coated gardens and the snowflakes falling slowly in the street lights. Winter comes and embraces the world with its magical sparkling coat, and everything freezes. I look out the window, see the people in the streets rushing to get home before the night, and I feel fine.

I didn’t go to my dance class last night. Some people could not come because of the slippery roads, and I had to revise for my upcoming exams, and get some sleep. My grand-mother phoned, and I told her my love for snow. My family and I discussed the chances of having class the next day, wondering who would come despite the paralysed public transports.

When I woke up this morning, everything was white : the roofs, the streets, the cars, the trees. I got up earlier than I normally do, in case I had to walk to school. And that’s what I did. I put on my snow-boots, my warmest coat, my gloves and, with my little sister, we left the house. There was little to no car outside, and it felt like we owned the city. I really enjoyed having this time to contemplate its beauty. I was not cold.

We then had a snowball fight at school. My chemistry teacher joined in and we laughed together. For a moment, we were all kids again. On Wednesdays, the class is divided in three : we either have Chemistry , Biology or Maths. The biology teacher was absent, so we all kinda got in the same classroom, worked a bit but we were too distracted by the snow (I feel sorry for the maths kids who had to work while we were outside). We then had again another snowball fight during the break and it was awesome.

(Jump in time and it’s 3 pm, I’m at home)

I decided to go outside with my sister and build a snowman. I had just learned that tomorrow would be a snow day (it is the first time ever my school does that and I was pretty surprised), so I had a little bit of extra time to go outside. Things didn’t exactly go as planned and we ended up having a snowball fight (yes again) in the street with our neighbour. We took handfuls of the snow that had accumulated on the cars parked outside and screamed when it got inside our coats. I had a wonderful, wonderful time.

So yeah, I love when it snows. I find it magical and relaxing. Time stops and I breathe again. Snowflakes fall from the sky in silence and all we can hear are distant muffled noises. I like it.

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  1. Amazing written article! I love how you tell us your love for snow (unlike me hehe)! Not bad, not bad… Well, me too, I built a snowman with my cousins and loved it, but as I’m sick I couldn’t stay too long outside (what a pity, right?).
    Anyways, love this entire article and your blog!

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