The Sink

It was late that night. I had just come back from my dance studio, I was exhausted. All I could think of was a long, steaming shower and a good night of sleep. I went through my bedroom to take my pyjamas and I headed to the bathroom. I gently opened the door, so it wouldn’t wake my sister up. I closed it behind me, I turned around as I turned on the lights on.

I was not expecting this. I felt my face going from tiredness to horror, as I was slowly discovering the scene.

It was a mess. A giant red puddle slowly extending all over the sink. I touched it. I wanted to make sure it was what I thought it was. It was sticky, and at that point, my brain started to realize what was happening.


No !

What had my sister done ??

I backed up, coming out of the bathroom like a demon of his box, calling my sister, an urge in my voice. No, no, I couldn’t believed that she had done it again ! I was mortified…

A tiny voice came out of my sister’s room

-What’s the matter ? Let me sleeeep !

-Oh Mimy ! Look at what you did ! You spread toothpaste all over the sink, that’s disgusting ! How did you manage to get there ?? Now I have to clean this up before mom sees it ! Be responsible !

Mimy tucked her pillow on her ears and grumbled tired apologies, immediately falling back asleep. She was such a weird cutie pie.

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